Rapid Fire With Jared Nash- #9 Stratford Cullitons

Jared Nash 


Stratford, Ontario

5″10- 180 Pounds

Team Games Played Goals Assists Points
Stratford (14-15) 43 9 15 24
Stratford (15-16) 45 19 43 62

Jared Nash may be best remembered in OHL Circles as the guy who was taken last overall in the 2014 Ontario Hockey League Draft, at pick number 300 by the Guelph Storm. In the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League Otherwise known as the GOJHL, Nash is and will be best remembered as an Assistant Captain, an all star and a Cherrey Cup Champion. And his time in this league isn’t over yet. Nash still has tons of time to leave an even bigger mark then he already has in this league and I’d say it is a safe assumption that it will happen. 

Nash has elite foot speed for this level and possess a terrific shot which was evident this year as he scored 19 goals and another 6 in the playoffs. Nash has elite visions for this level of hockey as well. Known as a “Disher” of sorts, Nash assisted on 43 goals this season which placed him tied for 17th in the entire GOJHL. A 1998 born player, Nash participated in the 2015-2016 GOJHL Top Prospects game and had 2 assists.


Nash and the rest of the Stratford Cullitons played the Waterloo Siskins in the Cherrey Cup Finals. The Cullitons during the back half of the season and playoffs, elevated their game and it was evident that everyone from the net out bought into the system the coaches had in place and went onto to win the Cherrey Cup in 5 games. During those 5 games, Nash had 10 points including a very dominant 5 point game.

We caught up with Jared Nash and played a little rapid fire!

Interview With Jared Nash

1)Tell us a little bit about where you played your minor hockey.

Jared Nash- I started out minor hockey as a Stratford Warrior, the rep team here in Stratford. Being a Warrior was pretty cool back when you were younger, all we ever thought about though was one day being a Stratford Culliton. After Warriors I finished out my minor hockey with the Huron Perth Lakers AAA program.


2)Who was the best player you played with and played against?

Jared Nash- I’d have to say the best player I played with would be a great buddy of mine Keaton Middleton. Keatz stands about 6’6 and was always the biggest on the ice when we played together, he is currently playing with the Saginaw Spirit in the OHL and will most likely be drafted to the NHL this year. When I was with the Huron Perth Lakers I got called up to play with the 97’ age group, they were playing Elgin Middlesex Chiefs who had two players by the name of Konecny and Crouse….. They were something else.

3) Why the number 9?

Jared Nash- When I was 15 I got my first chance to throw on a Cullitons jersey as an affiliate player, they had one jersey for me and it was number 9…I know it sounds lame but I am so superstitious that as long as I am a Culliton, I have to wear number 9.

4) How did it feel when you found out you had been drafted by the OHL’s Guelph Storm?

Jared Nash- Being drafted was an honor…. Obviously as a minor midget hockey player you would love to be drafted, and I had the great pleasure of waiting until the very last pick to see my name… haha it was quite the experience.

5) How does it feel to be able to put the Cullitons jersey on, especially being a Stratford native?

Jared Nash- As a young hockey player growing up in Stratford there is one goal. To be a Stratford Culliton. I use to fantasize skating around on a Friday night in front of all those fans with a Cullitons jersey over my head. Now that I’m actually doing it, it’s surreal and will be an experience I remember for the rest of my life.

6) How does it feel that you were chosen to be on the cover of this seasons Stratford Cullitons program?

Jared Nash- It was sweet. It’s no Sports Illustrated haha but it will be something I’ll be able to show people when I’m older and I’ll be able to cherish for the rest of my life

7) What’s going through your head every Friday night knowing you are about to showcase your talent in front of 1500 people in the historic Allman arena?

Jared Nash- My mind’s racing from the second I get up on a Friday. No matter what team, or what time of year, my mind is always hyped up for a good old Friday night at the willy.

8) You won the Cherrey cup this year, how did it feel to hoist that trophy over your head?

Jared Nash- To be able to do that in front of my home town, ahh it was perfect.

9) You had quite the jump from 24 points to 62 this season, what do you think helped contribute to your success?

Jared Nash- Confidence was key for me, I had to believe I was capable at performing at this level… as a 16 year old it’s always tough your first year, but coming in as a 17 year old I felt like I needed to step up and take a more leadership role… it also helps when you got a sniper like Hayden Broomhead on your line haha.  



10) Who do you think is going to win the Stanley Cup this year?

Jared Nash– I gotta go with big Joe Thornton and the San Jose Sharks.

11) Who is your favorite NHL player and why?

Jared- Jonathan Toews, great leader, great player, he is a complete hockey player.

12) What do you remember about the 1st Stratford Cullitons game you ever attended?

Jared Nash– Back in 2004 I think I was about 6, I remember running out on the ice when the Cullitons won the Sutherland cup, my dad also won the 50/50 that night.

13) Did you play any other sports growing up?

Jared Nash- I was involved in many other sports other than hockey….. I was actually quite the cross country runner, I got 10th at OFSAA which is the all Ontario cross country meet for high school.

14) If you weren’t playing hockey, what would you be doing?

Jared Nash–  Hmm , well If I ain’t playing I’ll be coaching or helping out somehow…you can’t get me away from the game.

15) What can you say to the Stratford fans reading this right now?

Jared Nash- This year was unforgettable and it was great to see the fans and community rally up as we continued to pursue the Cherrey cup and bring it home. Honestly I give the credit to the fans, they make the Stratford Cullitons such a prestigious organization, and never fail to make that building electric every Friday night. Thank you.


*Here is a clip from game 5 of the Cherrey cup win from the Youtube account of ArcProHD



*Pictures are courtesy of Jared Nash Twitter and Stratford Beacon Herald 


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