My Dad

I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  As I’m sure most know by now, my Dad passed away Wednesday evening.  He had issues with his liver for the past year, and we were informed in mid-September that it was liver cancer.  Dad was home from the hospital for 11 days when he passed on September 28.


It’s been a rough few days.  I am everything you expect about a Daddy’s girl.  I loved my Dad more than anything.  I’m a lot like him as well.  My sense of humour comes from my Dad and I’m a rye drinker because of him.  One of the things we liked to do together was make fun of my Mom and brother.


If it wasn’t for my Dad agreeing to help with the new Strathroy Rockets in the summer of 1994, RG may have never been born.  Who knows who I would be today if the Brooks family hadn’t gotten involved.


I just wanted to pass along my thank you to everyone over the last few days who have reached out to me and my brother and my Mom to share their condolences and their stories.  


This is the obituary from Denning Funeral Home.  There’s also a video of some pictures of Dad throughout the years.


Because I’ve been a bit occupied, there will be no TWIG tomorrow, but I will resume next week and will cover both weeks.


Stacy Brooks


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