Young Junior Hockey Player In Kitchener Diagnosed With Cancer



I learned last week that the cancer has returned.

Last month, it was reported  that John was actually in talks with management staff of the Kitchener Dutchmen about a comeback to hockey. However shortly after, John had went in for a check up and was then told that the cancer had returned.

I have had multiple conversations with John in the past. John is someone you want to enjoy beer’s with while huddled around your tv watching HNIC and debating what Don Cherry said. It is really unfortunate that I have to write this post. Such a great person. I hate the fact that bad things happen to good people.

That being said, He kicked cancers ass once before, you can do it again John. You have the support of the whole hockey community around the world. We are pulling for you. As of right now, John needs a Stem Cell Transplant. Please visit the websites below to find out ways you can help out.


For the American readers, you can certainly join in and help too.




Sebastian Jackson


I will keep everyone posted on news about John and his mission to getting better.


This post was written in January 2014.


When I was growing up, I dreamed of a pro sports career like most young athletes do. I started playing hockey and baseball at a young age  up until I turned 16. Injuries and lack of interest took over at that point.  I had no appreciation for it. So when I was trying to lay out my options for post secondary education, I was lost. Sports were everything to me. I’ve played in championship games, won some. Lost some. Played on some of the worst teams too.  I appreciate those days more now as a 23 year old then I did as a 15 year old.

There was recently a story out of Kitchener Ontario about a hockey player. For those unfamiliar with the area it’s about 45 minutes west of Toronto. The player’s name is John Divo. Their is a solid chance you may not have heard of him. He is a member of the Kitchener Dutchmen. A hockey team in the greater Ontario junior hockey league. John, was a big part of the reason why the Dutchmen were able to win 25 straight games, going on to making history. John is a member of a really solid blue line. He wears number twenty two  and stands 6-4 and 200 pounds. Oh yeah did I mention he’s 19? I was 5-5 As a 19 year old lol.  He has played thirty two games this year and has six goals and sixteen assists. His stellar play earned him a spot in the all star game but was unable to attend and unfortunately the thirty second game will be his last. Quite possibly forever.

John Divo was recently diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and  their  is no saying whether  he will play again. He has since started chemotherapy. Rather sad because most humans including myself take a lot of things for granted. Jobs, careers, people, etc. When I look at what John has accomplished, he made the most of his opportunities he was given. It sucks he was diagnosed with leukemia. I hope that hockey fans around Canada can take a few seconds to think about John and keep him in there prayers.

Hopefully we can all take things in stride and learn to appreciate things a little more cause in a moments notice it may be taken from you. For all the young players with dreams, have fun. Appreciate the game and what it means. I wish I did have the appreciation like I do now. Just sucks it took a sad story to hit me. I’m not bitter though. I can sit here with a pen and paper or a laptop and write my view of sports and I love it. I love being a fan. As I examine the game I have much more appreciation for it.

At this time, I just request we keep John Divo #22 in our prayers. John has told me that anyone who wishes to help, head to your local blood clinic and donate.

For any updates, follow the Kitchener Dutchmen on twitter


Or follow John


The hockey world is pulling for you John, stay strong bud.



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