GOJHL Profile – Pete Crosby

Pete Crosby is the head coach of the Guelph Hurricanes of the Midwest Conference.  This is his third season in Guelph.  In 2013, he was the head coach of the Cambridge Winter Hawks and led them to the Sutherland Cup finals.

For 21 years, Pete has been a teacher at Paris District High School.  “There’s a natural progression from being a teacher to being a coach.  In coaching, you see their progression and get instant feedback.  With every loss, there’s the opportunity to go back and improve to get better for the next game.”

His mentor and friend is retired NHL player Jay Wells, who is also from Paris, Ontario.  He says that Jay brings a methodical and academic approach to the game, which fits in with his coaching style.

In the Midwest, Pete’s favourite arenas to travel to are Galt Arena Gardens in Cambridge, it’s familiar and comfortable, and the William Allman Arena in Stratford.  “Anytime you walk into Stratford, you’re public enemy No. 1, and it just gets you up and ready for the game.”  His least favourite to travel to is Listowel because it is so cold.

Pete is also the father of twin girls Emily and Leah.

Photo Credit: Dan Hickling/Hickling Images