Embarrassing Display By Cullitons Fans


I want to first start by saying that I am in no way affiliated with, work with or belong to any team in the GOJHL or OHL.

Secondly,  Congrats to the Stratford Cullitons on winning the 2015-2016 Cherrey Cup. As a Stratford resident I plan to attend all game during the Sutherland cup run.

Good luck to Stratford in the Sutherland Cup. Such a storied organization who outworked, out hustled and eventually wore down the Siskins. Such a deep team with a great leader, lots of depth and a hell of a coaching staff.

Unfortunately, for those surrounding the  Stratford Cullitons, this isn’t a positive article. I’ll be front and center with that. And I’m not trying to tear you apart on this day as you guys have won the Cherrey Cup. But unfortunately  you have a serious black cloud hanging above your head and after witnessing it for months (Seen them do it to nearly every team) It’s about time you step up and do something about the fans that sits behind the bench.

And if you aren’t sure which one well…..


(one in the red)

(Grown Man, Give the finger to teenagers and a few females)


There is a serious fine line between paying your ticket so you should be able to cheer how ever you want. And doing crap like this which has gone on for far too long. And this has been brought up to Cullitons staff as well.

A Stratford fan which sat beside me during game 1 said this to me: He’s been doing this for years. We used to sit near him and just couldn’t take the BS.  Claimed that the fan’s had actually been kicked out from behind the Siskins bench for doing this exact crap.

A fan from the Elmira Sugar Kings added- ” It’s disappointing to see such low class fans cheering on players being injured & that while not all Stratford fans are low class the ones who are outrank the decent fans”

Fans from Waterloo, especially the 15 year old teenage females who took the fan bus in have informed me that they will not be attending more games at the Allman. Due to the fact that they were  being called “Bitc*es” and “Sl*ts” by the fan in the red and by the fan sitting directly to his right wearing black all because they cheered for their teams.

It’s a damn shame really. This has the potential to be a great rivals for fans and teams. Coming into the Allman with 1500 strong, cheering loud and proud for your team. But when fans are pulling crap like this, it’s not fun anymore.


They Allman arena in Stratford is the best arena in the GOJHL maybe even in Ontario to take in a game. But it’s a shame that opposing fans have to deal with the BS from those 2 fans.

When are the Cullitons staff going to step in and do something? After the picture of the middle finger, How in my right mind can I tell a family who has a young kid who wants to watch a live game, that the Allman arena is the place to go when you have guys like this constantly pulling this kind of crap?

I am not suggesting that other teams don’t have fans like this. But I have never gone into an arena to get shot the finger and told to “F**K off” all because I wear my teams colors.


As of right now, we have sent these pictures, as well as pictures of these guys giving the finger from other games to the league.
Hope that stuff like this can be dealt with. For the fans coming from out of town, for the parents of the away fans and for the boys.



Sincerely, Several media, fans, parents who have all wanted to say something.